What a ride!




The finishing line at Cambridge to London Bikeathon!

Thanks to all my sponsors! without you I wouldn’t be riding!

What a day ! The camaraderie was amazing and raising money for such a worthy cause was worth all the aches and pains I have now!

All the Best ,



Cambridge to London 100km bikeathon





I have committed to participating in the Bike4Kef bikeathon on 4th May 2015, riding 100km from Cambridge back to London to raise much-needed funds for Kef, and I would really appreciate your support!

Kef is a London-based non-profit, voluntary organisation dedicated to offering friendship and fun to children, teens, and young adults with special needs and disabilities throughout the UK.  Kef was founded in 2006 and has grown from four children to over 50!   Kef offers after-school and Sunday activities, residential weekends and summer and winter camps.

As Kef grows and develops, so does its budget!  Last year, the Bike4Kef bikeathon was launched, with 72 riders who raised just under £150,000.00, which enabled Kef to secure a state-of-the-art, purpose-built, disabled-accessible campus for its summer camp.  It has also been able to further develop the programmes it runs during the year, with major development of its Sunday programme, and the launch of a weekly swimming club, all heavily subsidised.  All monies raised through this exciting, essential venture will help enormously towards covering the rising costs that Kef is facing.

To find out more about Kef, please visit its website at www.kefkids.org, and for more information about the bikeathon, please visit our newly launched, dedicated website at www.bike4kef.org.

Please visit my personal fundraising page at http://www.kefkids.org/bike4kef/rider/57/moishe%20dov-strom  and help me to reach my personal fundraising target of £1000.00.

Thank you!



Mobilegeddon!! in a nutshell.


Google s Mobilegeddon


Today – 21st April 2015 the date that can make all the difference to your Google rankings – but will it?

As announced by Google and reported on the news channels today – if your website is not responsive your rankings will be drastically affected.

First of all you can check your site here to see if it complies https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly.

Secondly it is not as bad as it seems because only mobile searches are affected not tablet or desktop searches.

But do bear in mind that mobile searches make up half of all Googles searches and are increasing -

Thirdly thankfully you don’t have to make the changes today – if your rankings are effected, unlike previous Google updates you can update your site whenever you like to upgrade your Google Friendliness.

Design for growth


I recently attended a talk for the DBA ( Design Business Association) by Michael Thomson an eminent design strategy specialist and an expert on national design policy.

His talk was to a group of design agencies, VMAL included, and the focus was a deeper understanding of design-led strategic thinking that will enable business growth.

I found his talk quite eye opening and practical and realised that it has a strong relevance to a lot of small to medium companies and that is why I am writing this post

Michael has worked in Austria, Iceland, Ireland, Italy and Qatar and with the European Commission in Brussels. and has also advised large public sector clients in the UK and well known brands such as Ecco, Tupperware and Dyson.

I will present some of his facts and add some of my own:

Lets start with an example:

Schreyer, the designer of the Audi TT Coupe, was hired to overhaul Kia’s lineup and allow the Seoul-based automaker to charge more for its models.

Here is a little quote from Kia’s website

DESIGN MEANS EVERYTHING.It could only be a Kia. Our commitment to design is such that we hope when you look at Kia, you’ll recognize it instantly. Clean, contemporary lines. Bold, aggressive touches. The distinct tiger nose grille. An aesthetic that’s both playful and considered—that’s Kia.

Governments and the public sector and many companies big or small do not necessarily view design as an important part of their marketing strategy. They see it as a nice thing to have . The thinking is “If things are clean and look good then it will project a nice image”

… but the facts on the ground show that companies with design as a strategy actually increase their bottom line.

Here are are some interesting studiers:

The design council says “For every £100 a design alert business
spends on design, turnover increases
by £225.”

Another study on the impact of design innovation service on technology companies show the following:

— 80% changed strategic direction– accelerating
them towards a customer rather than
a technology focus
— 80% reported a changed mindset, culture
and vision
— 75% invested significantly in design and
are confident of a return on investment
— 50% saw better management or a reduction in
commercial risks
— 35% changed product or service

Some companies that have used design very effectively as an integral part of their brand include Apple, Fisher & Paykel, Dyson, Joseph and Joseph, IKEA to name a few.

Here is a quote from an article by Adam Swann on Forbes website:

To illustrate, Apple, the epitome of a design-led organization, now has a market capitalization of $570 billion, larger than the GDP of Switzerland. Its revenue is double Microsoft’s, a similar type of technology organization but one not truly led by design (just compare Microsoft Windows with Apple’s Lion operating system).

I rest my case!


40 Hidden messages in Brand Logos


Great logos can look really good without being overly clever and surprisingly some of the best known brands have incorporated clever hidden messages within the logo that many of us haven’t even noticed! British plastic business card printer Oomph! has compiled a nice list of these logos, see below:


VMAL 3D Animation Showreel


3D Animation

As well as static CGI’s for building developers we also excel in 3D animation.
View our new 3D animation show-reel . Give us a call to find out what we are capable of.

Directional signage at Alexander House



Hi All,

VMAL create gorgeous professional signage and finally we are putting up directional signage at our own Offices – Alexander House!
Here are our signs in Darren’s office waiting for Garry our fitter.

Shana Tova greetings from VMAL



Shana Tova greetings from VMAL

Is your branding, marketing or website not Attracting clients ?