Clear your brain for Passover


3 things you can do to clear your brain for work

Are you on the lookout to buy a house? if you are; buy one from someone Jewish – it will be more germ and dust free; having gone through an intensive cleaning process once a year, each year!
Passover is a time of frantic cleaning of all nooks and crannies in the house and workplace.
This is in commemoration of Jews leaving Egypt over 2000 years ago where they were enslaved and had to eat “Matzoh” or water crackers.

The cleaning is ostensibly of all bread but it has extended in more recent times to a complete and very thorough Spring clean.
This brings us onto clearing our minds to prepare us for Work:

1) Keep a clean desk:
Countless studies have shown that a cleared desk and clean environment allows us to be more productive and focus on the job at hand.
Steve Jobs on his return to apple went around getting all the walls painted white so as to eliminate distractions.

There are another 2 important things to take note of: Your emails and your browser window.

2) If you are the type of guy that works of his email list (- its better you don’t but that is the subject of another article) Start off by deleting the unnecessary emails.

3) As for your browser window – try Evernote to clip things you want to take note of and close the tab rather then leave many open tabs on your computer.

Now get to Work! :)

Whats in the name?


I am starting out a new business venture, do I  need a recognisable name and logo.
My name is Bert and I have developed a new fish tank so why don’t I call my company ABC Fish Tanks and my name will appear top of most listings?
Do I need a specially designed logo
Would the name in a nice font not do?
The answer in short the answer is that every service and every product is a brand.
A brand is the way people will perceive the product or service.
The service you offer or the quality of the product is very possibly more important but the brand will reinforce those attributes. A product or service with a well thought out name and commercial and up to date logo can make your product or service stand out against the competition.
Even established high store chains such as Marks and Spencer do not just rest on their laurels they adapt and invent new sub brands to appeal to different audiences.


Do you want to appeal cheap and chearful if your service is a budget service where the selling point is cost but if you want to add value to your service and increase the price you are charging then take your idea to a design agency such as VMAL and they will kit you out with a new persona – instead of ABC fish tanks we will call you Berts Fish Tank Company for instance or just Berts and instead of using a cartoon styled goldfish mascot we might design an abstract looking fish bowl and cool muted colours and a contemporary font that matches the style we have just created.

You walk out with a smartly designed business card, an interactive website and a liveried vans to match – now you are talking to a different class of client and your brand speaks for you.

Good luck!

Start a new business!


Ever thought of turning a hobby into a business?
Many enterprising entrepreneurs have taken the plunge and have moved away from their monotonous office job and built up successful business doing the things they like.
Hobbies could include Stamp collections, hand made crochet items, or home baked items.
Research shows that people are more successful when doing what they have a passion for.
So how do you do this. The answer is you build a website.
The web is full of people with different interests and you are bound to find other people with similar needs and interests.
The website could be an e commerce site selling a product or products locally or overseas.
It could be an advice site and the money could made on chargeable listings or advertising.
Engage them with a dynamic site a discussion forum, a blog with ideas from the expert ( you!)and useful hints.
All successful businesses started small.
Some of the best known high street brands started off small.
Marks and spencer started as a market cart.
Your website can be the market cart that will one day bring in millions.

The Local Web


Who do you trust with your website creation? “Oh I use Jack, he’s my brother-in-laws second cousin by marriage” – The chances are the answer is you would choose someone you know or have been recommended to.
Why is this? Firstly because there are millions of web companies out there, why would I choose one over the other, secondly I will need them to be available to maintain, fix or update the website in the future. For that reason the company you have chosen is likely to be someone local to you or your company so that you are reassured that he is contactable when you need him or her. There is one important ingredient not to be overlooked and that is track record. How can you be sure that Jack will still be there in a couple of years from now to fix a bug or virus in your site. So rather than use Jack use VMAL! VMAL is a company based in North West London and covers nearby areas of Hendon NW4, Golders Green NW11, Hampstead, St Johns Wood and the rest of London, we even create sites overseas. We have been around for a decade and most of our business is recommendation.

Flash or no Flash


It used to be the case that all sites had a Flash intro, then they introduced the skip intro button! The natural succession to that was to skip having flash intros.
The “Google generation” nowadays have a very low attention span and need to get to what they are looking for within a couple of seconds. A “flashy” Flash intro will really have to impress to be of any value.
If you have to have Flash, a good compromise is to have Flash embedded in your site so that the user can navigate your site if they choose not to view your mind blowing Flash creation. The upside to that is that rather than just impressing the user you might get some business from the site if they find your contact us page…



VMAL is harnessing the power of Magento for E-Commerce.
Magento is used by some of the leading global merchants and brand names for online transactions.

What is SEO?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, basically getting your site recognised by the search engines, primarily Google. To get your site up in the rankings this is a must. VMAL splits up its service into Internal SEO; namely: creating your site so that it is optimised with meta tags and keywords and External SEO getting your name out using traditional methods such as linking and listings and Social networks. Why do you need to do it,why can I not just wait and eventually i will be picked up by Google? The answer to that is partly to do with Google, they change their criteria constantly so that it is not easy and they want to make money on “pay per click” ( otherwise known as sponsored links) advertising. The other reason is that your competitors are doing it so without it you will remain way out site of any potential customer. Clicking or getting your friends to click on your website ( If they are from different IP addresses) might help to get you slowly up the rankings but even if you have thousands of friends it won’t count for much. SEO is an entire science in its own and it is not without its unscrupulous punters who jump on the band wagon calling themselves SEO experts and not delivering results or using “black hat” methods to ” get you to the top of the searches in a week” but then getting you black listed from Google in the process. Want to know more? st email or give us a call.

New Website launched


As you all know VMAL putsits clients first , this why a new website for ourselves was so long in coming :)
This website should help you view the breadth of services we offer by giving you easier access to the design portfolio and showcasing some of our latest websites in a more eye catching manner.
The old website was 7 years old and although revamped and brought up to Web 2.0 standards was in need of a restyle…so here you are! comments are welcome